HST Programme

This 3-week residential programme, which has been taking place every year since 1998 at CERN during the month of July, is open to High School Science Teachers from around the world, who would like to update their knowledge of particle physics, its associated technologies and related subjects.


  • To promote the teaching of modern physics and, in particular of particle physics, in high schools.
  • To promote the exchange of knowledge and experience among teachers of different nationalities.
  • To expose teachers to the world of research.
  • To stimulate activities related to the popularization of physics within and beyond the classroom.
  • To help CERN establish closer links with schools from throughout the world.


Who can apply and attend?

All high school science teachers can apply to participate in the programme. Please note that all applicants should:

  • have a good working knowledge of the English language (this is VERY IMPORTANT as the programme will be delivered entirely in English), in order to benefit the most from the programme and
  • be committed to attend in full the 3 weeks of the programme (no late arrivals, no early departures).

Preference in the selection will go to teachers who have a proven experience of extra-curricular activities, such as:

  • organization of educational activities (Science Olympiads, Summer courses for students),
  • contribution to the planning of national curricula or
  • involvement in the activites of National Teachers' Associations, or other national and international educational bodies.

No a-priori knowledge of or experience with high-energy physics is required.